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River Styx Issue 105

The Last Thursday of the Century

"One armed man began kicking the handcuffed young men. Another in body armor smiled as he directed people to their homes. At dawn, from that backyard, they heard the sound...

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"His son had gone into the sea as a boy and then gone into the ground as ashes and now his name barely seemed left in the world. How could...

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Common Sense

Before I left NYC to live in western South Dakota I did not know how much I did not know—that prairie grass undulates and shines like ocean waves in the...

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J. Gee (1913-1975) In my family, there was a woman who knew how to fly. She had been pushed by a man, or perhaps the man’s wife, or perhaps the...

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Every year on my birthday, my mom tells my birth story...

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In My Sister's House

When I walk up, Zeke-the-Dog is already in the car. They're taking him in. Gently put: helping him die. Gently put: killing him with less pain. On the radio, the...

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Six Poems

Rebreaking a Bone Before means chronology has logic;means outpaced prior-faced enmity -lacking of punch, drunkless. Dressed less. My prologue, I harken. Has teethmade of cartilage. No, bones. Side flesh. What...

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