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River Styx 29


River Styx 29

Editor: Jennifer Atkinson
Managing Editor: Andrew Haber
Senior Editors: Michael Castro, Quincy Troupe
Executive Director of River Styx Programs: Ann Haubrich
Art Juror: Sheldon Helfman
Interns: Laura Clearman, Lorrie Feldman

Michael Waters, Lisa Lewis, Andrew Cox, Luis J. Rodriguez, Jan Weissmiller, Siri von Reis, Dianne Frances, Lowell Jaeger, Camelia Isbell, Lorin Cuoco, Mary Clark, Gloria Mindock Duehr, Sheryl St. Germaine, Catherine Bowman, Gary Gildner, Edward Sanders

Leslee Becker, Robert Walser (tr. Susan Bernofsky)

Leah Friedman
Adrian Luchini

Cover artwork: Leah Friedman, "Together Now," 1989.

© 1989 Big River Association (River Styx Magazine). 


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