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River Styx Issue 106

From "Stock Pond"

I didn’t put your place (cafo – concentrated animalfeeding operation) on Counterglow.By now I guess the algo knows. I don’t know what I wanted to save – my embarrassment. To...

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From Sugarcane to Diabetes

At thirty-two an urgent care doctor called and told me that my fasting blood sugar of 397 mg/dL was dangerously high. Fasting blood sugar for me should have been 85-120...

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From Whale Lore

In the harbor, moon jellies pushed their smocks through the tide as the steady barking of sea lions tickled the gulls into frenzied screams. On the Bay today at the...

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Two Poems

Loud Laughter It wafts out of the same demented hallway monsters march out of also: the vampire sings, laughter follows. A machine modified to present clear and present danger keeps...

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A swan

a swan  a swan   a silver swan   automaton  articulates articulates a   remove  from time   tells time itself  mechanical   fool proof        at 2 pm   in the provincial museum, the dial...

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My Unreliable Source is a Bird

My mother walked. Every day. Five miles. Sometimes ten. Rain never stopped her. Nor 110-degree temps. There’s Martha, people said, from as far away as three hundred feet. Her gait...

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