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March Online Issue Out Now

March Online Issue Out Now

The River Styx March online issue is available now!

Featuring new fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and artwork from Mark Mayer, Katya Apekina, Joe Holt, Adam Edelman, Kimberly Sheridan, Howard Skrill, Dana Al-Rashid, August Huerta, Maya Jewell Zeller, S.E. Smith, Alicia Rebecca Myers, Tim Maxwell, and W.T. Joshua. 

Modern Miniatures by Dana Al-Rashid
Kuwaiti artist Dana Al-Rashid's "Modern Miniatures" are a series of artworks that use ancient Persian miniature style to tackle contemporary and relevant topics. Body image, technological advancement, and the state of the world during the pandemic are illustrated both in still and animated forms. 

Four Poems by Alicia Rebecca Myers
Through frozen landscapes, Alicia Rebecca Myers evokes memory, God, and Love is Blind season 4. 

Landscape Anxiety by Maya Jewell Zeller
Poet Maya Jewell Zeller's new essay puts our relationship to landscape into startlingly new perspective. "In classics like The Odyssey, and Into the Wild, and other famous stories about men, a journey happens over several years, with violent catharses and character revelations, or a stranger comes and changes everything about the townspeople's lives... In my story, a woman...drives to another town, lives a solitary life of work and thought, and comes back every week, and nothing visible to the world really changes all at once. Her story is in the quiet, the in between."

Four Prepositions by Mark Mayer
Mark Mayer's stories are from About, Above, Around: 50 Prepositions, a collection of short fictions, running from a few hundred to a few thousand words, each of which springs from an English preposition and considers how it might describe the movements of feeling. 

Guest of Honor by Katya Apekina
We're excited to share an excerpt of Katya Apekina's new novel, Mother Doll, about a pregnant woman in L.A. who is contacted by a medium who's channeling the ghost of her great-grandmother, a Russian revolutionary. The "guest of honor" in this funny and imaginative depiction of Russian aristocratic society is Rasputin, who "stank like a goat...opened all of the birdcages in the other room, and now the little canaries were flying in desperate circles around the dining room." 

More from the issue:

"A Flood of Wailing Masochists" by Tim Maxwell (visual media)

"No Country" by W.T. Joshua (poetry)

March's Riding the Music Wave with Joe Holt (nonfiction)

"Dog Star" by August Huerta (poetry)

Two Poems by Adam Edelman

"Monumental Follies" by Howard Skrill (visual media)

"Flower Flower" by S.E. Smith (poetry)

"Feminine Nihilistic Gospel Song" by Kimberly Sheridan (nonfiction)



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