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The New River Styx

The New River Styx

It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us. During our hiatus over the past year we have undergone a significant transformation. The organization essentially dissolved in 2022 when we lost our editorial staff and executive board, which impacted our ability to continue publishing the magazine, and our social media accounts fell silent. It took some time and a lot of work, but we’ve been in the process of rebuilding River Styx from the ground up, and we’re excited to share those developments with you, our readers. 

First, as you can see, we’ve launched a redesigned website. The new site will provide readers with the same submission portal as before, but we’re now able to offer an authenticated login for users who subscribe to the magazine. The subscription login grants access to premium content, such as our online magazine. 

Second, we no longer have a print edition of the magazine. From now on, River Styx is a digital-only publication. The decision to change from print to online is not one we took lightly, because we’re proud of our long history of print publishing. However, a new era required a new vision, and that vision encompasses a broader view of what literature and art can be. Not only will we continue to publish fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, we now seek submissions across the multimedia spectrum: digital illustration, short film, animation, interactive media, and so forth. You’ll see this intersectionality in our upcoming programming as well. We envision River Styx as a confluence of art and literature, and a melting pot of collaborative possibility among local and global writers and artists. 

Third, we have a new editorial staff and executive board. We hope you’ll take a moment to read the bios of our new staff, including Deborah Taffa, our new Editor-in-Chief, who stepped in to resuscitate the magazine. Without Deborah, River Styx would not be returning to you today. We’re grateful for her leadership these past several months. 

But most of all we’re grateful for our readers. Without you, without the brilliant talent of your writing, without your steadfast commitment to reading and sharing the writing we publish, we have no purpose. You’re the inspiration that drove us to rebuild River Styx. We hope that you will continue along with us on our journey through this new era. 


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