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Sarah Lorentz

Bonfire Series

“In all of my work, I strive to maintain a sense of expressiveness through the use of saturated colors and confident brushstrokes which are a reminder of the process and the physicality of the material. Many of my paintings are created ‘en plein air,’ on location from direct observation. However, I am most interested in capturing the essence of the space rather than conforming strictly to realism. Most of the compositions in this series are nocturnes, and the shadowy ambiguity of the surrounding scene deepens the emotional connection and interpretation.

I am fascinated by the overlapping of memories that occurs through nostalgic imagery and how, in these shared experiences, human connection is formed. Fire conjures a complex mix of positive and negative connotations; it is warmth, protection, and light, but also destruction and danger; at times it is uncontrollable. This base attraction to the glowing flames offers meditative reprieve from unsettling current events.”

"Before Last Light"

Figure 1. Sarah Lorentz, "Before Last Light," 2023, oil on birch panel, 9 x 10in.

"The Burnpile"

Figure 2. Sarah Lorentz, "The Burnpile," 2023, oil on birch panel, 12 x 13in.

"Lakeside Bonfire"

Figure 3. Sarah Lorentz, "Lakeside Bonfire," 2023, oil on birch panel, 8 x 9in.

"After Dark"

Figure 4. Sarah Lorentz, "After Dark," 2023, oil on birch panel, 11 x 12in.

"New Beginnings (Burning of the Prunings)"

Figure 5. Sarah Lorentz, "New Beginnings (Burning of the Prunings," 2023, oil on birch panel, painteden plein airin Augusta, Missouri, 2 x 24in.

Contemporary painter Sarah Lorentz creates energetic, striking compositions full of bold brushwork and electric color while tapping into the nostalgia of her 1990s childhood. Though the subject matter of her work ranges from evocative figurative commentaries to pastoral plein air landscapes, the physicality of material and deliberate remnants of the process reveal the same confident hand behind the brush. Sarah’s academic training was accompanied by apprenticeships and studies abroad. She earned her Bachelor's of Fine Arts from Southern Illinois University and now maintains an active presence in the art scene of St Louis where she resides, while regularly exhibiting nationally.

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