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Visual Media

Rescue Tactics

Mary Laube & Mary F. Coats

Every painter’s studio has an inventory of failed works. Although these paintings remain hidden away they are necessary to the creative process. Rescue Tactics is a collaborative project in which two painters exchange their discarded works until new resolutions are reached.


Oil on canvas | 36" x 48"


Oil on panel | 36" x 48"

Our Room: A Space Odyssey

Oil on canvas | 30" x 24"

Youngstown, 1957

Oil on panel | 36" x 48"


Oil and acrylic on MDF | 12" x 12"

Les Pyrenees

Oil and acrylic on panel | 12" x 12"


Oil on panel | 42.5" x 32.5"


Oil on canvas | 18" x 18"

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