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River Styx 16 (Special Issue)


River Styx 16: A Trumpet in the Morning by Arthur Brown (Special Issue)

"a trumpet in the morning" 
"a poem for uncle buddy" 
"what make"
"a bop instruction"
"birdness (on the ground"
"callin buddy bolden"
"he was fast"
"mississippi river poem"
"tell 'em i was flyin"
"cherokee bill"
"message from the early worm"
"from plumagram 2"
"a two dog day"
"looked for you yesterday"
"sly mongoose as a woman"
"there is a man moving into my skin"
"the assassination of charlie parker"
"this makes sense"
"burial (sermonette)"
"old time monkey grip blues"
"i'm inventing michelangelo"
"i can hear my goldfish singing"
"i want a memory"
"O when you come" 

© 1985 Big River Association (River Styx Magazine). All rights reserved by author. 


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