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River Styx 26


River Styx 26

Editor: Carol J. Pierman
Managing Editor: Kathryn Conrad
Senior Editors: Michael Castro, Quincy Troupe
Executive Director of River Styx Arts Programs: John Finch
Arts Committee: Sheldon Helfman, Nancy Rice

John Barth

Susan Hahn, Beth Seetch, Tomaz Salamun (tr. Charles Símic), Henry Dumas, Eric Pankey, Campbell McGrath, Jennifer Atkinson, Walter Bargen, Dennis Brutus, Sterling Plumpp, Howard Schwartz, Teresa Sweeney, Arthur Sze, D. Clinton

Prose Poetry:
Ann Anderson Stranahan

John Edgar Wideman
Jean Thompson
Brianda Domecq (tr. Carolyn Brushwood)

Joan Levinson
Mark Benson

Cover artwork: Joan Levinson, "Against the Table," 1988. Artwork appears courtesy of Locus Gallery. Photographs of her paintings taken by Red Elf. 

© 1988 Big River Association (River Styx Magazine). 


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