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River Styx 3


River Styx 3: Series & Cycles

"Just as     caterpillar becomes pupa becomes butterfly, just as     stages of humankind are still evolving, a cycle may increase in energy as it uses energy, developing strengths & beauty which were masked in the original form. 

Drawing on the issue's theme, "Series & Cycles," each artist's perceptions have been interwoven and juxtaposed into a bolting, visionary river whose tributaries –– origins, travels, love, aging, and the philosophy of life and death –– course through the landscape of human experience. 

While a cycle is continuous, it is not always regular; although it evolves, it is alive only in its present forms; and, most important, a cycle is not senselessly repetitive because A CYCLE ACTIVELY EVOLVES TO A NEW STAGE.

RIVER STYX III has an openness which is rare in life and a     unity   rare among anthologies. The Editor alone is responsible for the final interrelation of the works; each reader alone is accountable for the infinite possibilities which evolve during the readings of this journal.


Editor: Jan Garden Castro
Art Editors, cover & cycles: Cindy Snodgrass & Warren Crain
Production: Steve Huckleberry Harris, Michael Castro, Joe Kempe, Deane Wagner, Anna Lum

Helen Adam
Michael Corr
Warren Crain
Bob Dyer
Madonna Gauding
Allen Ginsburg
Peggy Grant
Pamela Hadas
Wini Hill
Clark Holtzman
Marcella Howell
Oliver Lake
Erica Lennard
Anna Lum
Paul Portuges
Tasha Robbins
Jorge Travieso Ravelo
Alejandro El Romero
Alice Ryerson
Tom Savage
Barbara Schmitz
Nancy Shattuck
Cindy Snodgrass
Pat Sommer
Kathryn Van Spanckeren
Daniel P. Spell
Sondra Gayle Stein
Anthony J. Summers
Ann Vashon
Deanne Wagner
Patrice Williams


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